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The upcoming Conference on family business offers an opportunity to get to know the most innovative, creative and successful Slovenian entrepreneurs, and get acquainted with management concepts on successful German companies that have been in the family for over 160 years.

The purpose of the Conference is to present examples of good practices for the transfer of management and ownership. There will be two representatives of German corporations Underberg AG, Dr. Hubertine Underberg-Ruder and Werhahn KG, Dr. Stephan Werhahn, who will present their path – the growth and development of the family business. From their experience, they will present their domestic practice of transferring management and ownership, the importance of values for successful management and business, and the challenges of growth and expansion to foreign markets. They will also present the principle of sustainable entrepreneurship and how they see family entrepreneurship in the future.

The Conference will join also Slovenian experts and businesspersons and present their experiences and practices for successful family business and transfer of management and ownership. The Ernst & Young Slovenija will present their model for successful transfer of ownership. Marta Turk from Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia ZOR will present a topic the role of women in family business and contribute the findings of research Connected and Successful made in project Network MEMA. From living business practice, the director and owner of company Lotrič Meroslovje d.o.o., Marko Lotrič and Ivan Kapetanović Jr., from Kapetan d.o.o., will present their case of transfer of management and business ownership. From the educational field, moreover, Kaja Kosec, MAS, MA from Za dialog will join us and introduce and presented how dialogue and leadership are intertwined with the successful transfer of management and ownership of the company.


Hubertine Underberg-Ruder
Underberg AG
Ivan Kapetanović Ml.
Kapetan d. o. o.
Kaja Kosec
Za Dialog
Marko Lotrič
Lotrič Meroslovje d.o.o.
Marta Turk
Mojca Emeršič
Vodja družinskega podjetništva, EY Slovenija
Stephan Werhahn
Werhahn KG


  • Get knowledge of successful business practices, how to grow from micro to corporation
  • Find out the steps for successful transfer of ownership and management of company
  • Get useful information on how to evaluate your business
  • Learn ways and paths of how to successfully face growth and expansion of business
  • Equip yourself with leadership skills
  • Get new contacts and open up for expanding your business


The aim of the conference is to answer current issues facing Slovenian family businesses, namely:

  • How to make successful transfer from old to new leadership and ownership
  • How can banks contribute to the growth and development of family business and transfer of ownership
  • How to successfully cope with growth and transformation of company
  • What influences decision on who will take over the ownership and management. The question of character, relationships and competences
  • What are managerial and leadership challenges (4.0). Family entrepreneurship of the future
  • Question of sustainable development. Family businesses as community builders
  • Have family businesses added value? Family businesses as promoters of values and family. Their role and importance for the future
  • How to participate intergenerationally. Path of dialogue


13.30 – 14.00              REGISTRATION

14.00 – 14.15              OPENING SPEECHES AND GREETINGS

14.15 – 15.50               PROFESSIONAL ASPECTS AND PRACTICE

  • Marko Lotrič, group LOTRIČ Metrology: The family constitution of the Lotrič family
  • Kaja Kosec, For Dialogue: Family and Company in the light of dialogue and leadership
  • Mojca Emeršič, Ernst & Young: Preparing a Family Constitution
  • Marta Turk, GZS ZOR: The role of women in family business

15.50 – 16.30              BREAK AND B2B

16.30 – 17.00               DR. HUBERTINE UNDERBERG-RUDER

Good practices of the Underberg family company. Leadership, values and sustainable development

17.00 – 18.00               GOOD PRACTICE. ROUND TABLE

  • Dr. Stephan Werhahn, Werhahn KG
  • Ivan Kapetanović mlajši, Kapetan d.o.o
  • Dr. Underberg-Ruder, Underberg AG

18.00 – 18.30              QUESTIONS OF PARTICIPANTS

We encourage active participation, hence we invite participants to ask questions to speakers of the Conference

18.30 – 19.00               CLOSURE AND B2B

20.00 – 23.00               Inclusive dinner is intended for those who have an interest to get to know the conference speakers in person and aim for business prosper. * Additional fee


Event is moderated by Natalija Švab.

The conference will be held in Slovene and English. Simultaneous interpretation from Slovene to English and vice versa will be provided.

  • Price VAT included / person
  • Number of seats: 120
  • Steklena dvorana, Hotel Union Ljubljana
  • Price VAT included / person
  • Number of seats: 30
  • Restaurant Dvor Ljubljana


The European economy is based on family businesses, to which we still attribute little importance. Family entrepreneurship represents the existence of the population, which, however, not only enables employment, but also strongly influences the development and image of local communities. In Slovenia, current family business is faced with the transfer of management and ownership, the challenges of leadership and growth, and prosper to foreign markets. There are many questions and challenges, so our purpose is to offer the tangible answers and good practices of German and Slovenian entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, we will focus on family relations, sustainability and local cooperation.


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